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Message from the President

 In India, the word politics connotes different meaning to different people. Some feel it is the study of government of states and other political units. For others, it is a profession devoted to governing and to political affairs. Yes, this is true and we need to embrace the reality where our nation wants to be in the safe hands of our youth. With the involvement of youth in public movements or with the electoral success of unconventional political parties, our belief that young and educated people should join politics has been vindicated. Chhatra Sansad In last 3 years, the platform has captured the imagination and conscience of thousands of spirited youth and has joined them together for a singular purpose to strengthen the foundations of Indian democracy. Every year 5,000-10,000 politically and socially active students from all across the Nation make way to participate at the flagship one day annual national conclave of Chhatra Sansad after a rigorous selection process adopted by the colleges independently.

Considering the vastness of India, the path ahead is enormously challenging as we want our impact to reach further and deeper. We are sure with the benevolence, support, guidance and good wishes from people, CS will keep growing and many more common young people will access politics and provide leadership to our country in future. To conclude, let me say once again that we cannot do without Good Governance. The only way things can change at the top is through politics. I urge the youth of India to rise above regional and sectarian considerations, look at our country as a single entity and come forward to lead it.

Jay Hind.

Kunal Balkrishna Sharma
Founder-President, Chhatra Sansad