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About Us


  • To create a common platform for young aspiring student leaders.
  • To facilitate interaction with eminent personalities from different fields. 
  • To sensitize participants to think on regional, national and global issues. 
  • To inculcate a democratic outlook fostering brotherhood and attain equality.  
  • To make them aware and active about the national issues and to form their own opinion towards this issue.


Inform | Ignite | Initiate

  • To inform the youth about the various burning issues that we are facing. 
  • To create political and social awareness amongst the youth. 
  • To change the mentality of the individuals towards the field of Politics. 
  • To change the definition of Politics to “GOVERNANCE”. 
  • To give a platform to the youngsters to build themselves as well as our Nation. 
  • To help the society in any good way we can. 
  • To build “Future Leaders”

To ignite the very spirit of student politics in the youth of today and provide training to the students to help inculcate public spirited and socially sensitive values right during their formative years. We aim to raise the extent of sensitivity, awareness, involvement, responsiveness, access and the say of youth in the political and democratic processes, so that a healthy democratic system is evolved. We hope to produce competent public leaders and policy makers, from the grassroots and from all walks of life.


  • To connect with the youth through issues of their concerns.  
  •  To build the image of GCS as a landmark organization with concern for social cause as well as the nation. 
  •  To help to strengthen democratic values. 
  • To ignite ideas of social justice. 
  • To sensitize the youth with the current issues

    To create most ethical, spirited and competent public leadership in the country, which will shape our policies, make our democracy vibrant and bridge the chasm between the way we are being governed today and the way we actually want them to be governed in the future.