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Kunal Sharma

Founder - President at Chhatra Sansad India

Founders Message

When you say the word “Politics” out loud, it evokes different reactions from different people. Some think it’s a cunning man’s game.

Others think of the word corruption. Even others would say it is an exercise in futility .But you would be hard pressed to find someone who has anything positive to say about Politics. It would be even harder for you to find a Young Indian under the age of 25 who is actively willing to participate in our Political System, the biggest Democracy in the world.

This is what I wanted to change. I started Chhatra Sansad with the most basic of objectives, to encourage the Youth of Today and Tomorrow to at the very least, take an active interest in our Political System, to not take Politicians on their word until you see results with your own eyes and increase the number of Young Indians in our Political System. In the words of Gandhi, “be the change you wish to see”, I took the first step towards the change I wished to see, and began Chhatra Sansad. At the core of it, to de-stigmatize Politics. I want to make Young Men and Women of India realise that they too can be in positions of power, that they too can dream of a better India and that they and only they are responsible for it.

At the heart of it, Chhatra Sansad aims to increase the Socio-Political awareness of the Youth of India and to make them aware of the current Developmental and Cultural issues that are currently plaguing our Society. What started as the “Chhatra Sansad, 2015” we now hold multiple campaigns every year, from candle light vigils for fallen soldiers to trying to save our precious environment using Eco-Friendly Clay Ganapati Idols. For every Campaign/Initiative/Event that Chhatra Sansad has ever hosted/organized, the one common denominator has been the Youth. My aim is to involve the Youth of Today and Tomorrow in the workings of our Country and Society, to take responsibility for what, in the future, will be in their hands and to see through the smokescreen that is used by every other Political Party to differentiate between the right and wrong.