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Leaders of Vadodara is a movement to keep you apprised and updated regarding the policies and actions of the highly important Vadodara Municipal Corporation.

In this day and age of instant news and information, municipal corporation elections are just not “glamorous” and therefore are not given much attention and we wish to change this. For a city to prosper and flourish, it is of the utmost importance that its Municipal Corporation be competent, listens to the demands of its citizens and acts in accordance to their requirements.

Our aim is to understand the wants and needs of the masses by conducting door-to-door and cyber surveys, interact with the population at the grassroot, conduct town hall meetings, debates & discussion between the population of each ward and the candidates competing. We believe that by interacting with the candidates, the voter can make an informed, educated and logical choice as to who represents the interests of their area best.

So, join this campaign to make Vadodara a model city that the nation can emulate and help elect responsible leaders whose decisions directly affect YOU, the voter.