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Kunal Sharma

Founder & President

About Kunal Sharma

“You have to dream before your dreams come true”. – APJ Abdul Kalam

Kunal Sharma is the Founder and President of Chhatra Sansad. Started in 2015, Kunal started Chhatra Sansad with aim of increasing Youth participation in Socio-Political happenings of the Country. And it is with this same spirit that he leads Chhatra Sansad into the future, working tirelessly to involve the Youth of Today and Tomorrow and make Chhatra Sansad a platform for meaningful change and bridge the gap between the way we are governed and the way we want to be governed.

About Aditya Vegda

“Ask not what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country”.

A selfless soul who personifies this quote by John F. Kennedy, a tireless worker who won’t stop until his objectives have been surpassed. His role as the Trustee of the Zero Hour Foundation and General Secretary of Chhatra Sansad is no measuring stick compared to his motivation to do good for the Community and Country.


Aditya Vegda

General Secretary

Vandit Singh

Vice President, General Operations

About Vandit Singh

“You have to dream before your dreams come true”. – APJ Abdul Kalam

Eleanor Roosevelt once said that the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience. Living up to these words Vandit Singh,a Trustee in the Zero Hour Foundation has strived for gaining diverse experiences in life. His hunger for the element of infinite possibilities is seconded by his wanderlust.

Rathin Bhatt

Rathin Bhatt, a student pursuing his bachelors in Politics and International Relations serves as the Vice President of Chhatra Sansad and the President of the Parliamentary Committee of Chhatra Sansad. He loves taking leadership initiatives. Rathin has travelled to 25 cities for the purpose of conducting workshops and executing conferences


Rathin Bhatt

Vice President, Chhatra Sansad Youth Parliament

Sachin Saudhyan

Vice President, Bache Bole Morya

About Sachin Saudhyan

“Experience is the best teacher in Life”.

Sachin is a person who learns from Life and tries to use those very lessons while working. A person larger than life, he heads the Environmental initiatives of Chhatra Sansad.

About Honey Shah

“Our Lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter”.

Honey Shah is the personification of this quote by Martin Luther King Jr. This headstrong woman, works with an open heart about any and every problem she thinks she can solve, no matter the heights she may have to climb or the bridges she may have to build. A true believer in the cause, she has the ability to empathise with anyone and genuinely care for them too.


Honey Shah

Vice President, Project Happy Hour

Saideep Konreddy

Head of Editorial

About Saideep Konreddy

“Change is the only constant”.

That might be the only thing Saideep truly believes in. Old has to give way to the new for Society to progress, and that is what Saideep lives by. A man always seeking new information and ways to improve, his desire to create anything new is second only to his ambition to see a better India for its future Citizens.

About Prit Shah

Prit U.Shah, Advocate, is serving Gujarat Chhatra Sansad as the Head of Legal Affairs to put forth and work towards enlightening, edify empowering and strengthening the Youth for triggering positive change in society. He is practising Advocate specialising in Civil-Corporate-Commercial Advisory and Litigation and has appeared and represented before various Judicial and Quasi-Judicial forums across Gujarat. He is an Alumni of the Maharaja Sayajirao University.


Prit Shah

Head of Legal Affairs

Varun Pradhan

Secretary, Legal Affairs

About Varun Pradhan

Varun Pradhan: A lawyer by qualification, Varun is currently a part of a fellowship in built environment at the Anant National University, Ahmedabad. He intends on using law along with empathy to reduce the disparities in the world and with Chhatra Sansad, aims to build a just and empowered society led by the youth.

About Atik Sheikh

Atik Sheikh is our Media Co-ordinator and one of the best to do it. His responsibility ensuring that all the work that Chhatra Sansad does reaches the correct mediums to spread awareness about our Initiatives and our Initiatives themselves.


Atik Sheikh

PR & Media Coordinator