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Chhatra Sansad feels proud and honoured to launch its newest project – Chhatra Sansad Women’s Safety Division.

In light of the obscene and extremely derogative reaction video to a stand-up comedy video made by one of Vadodara’s own was the last straw to what has been a generational problem. We have over 800 women from across Vadodara who have registered to be our Women’s Safety Ambassadors to help women seek help in their times of need and direct them to the concerned authorities and help coordinate for the same.

Women’s Safety is an issue which has plagues our Society for generations and it is high time that we not only solve the symptoms and induce the fear of law amongst our citizens but teach our future generations about Equality and Harmony between the sexes.

The Women’s Safety Division will work as an intermediary between victims and authorities, provide safe havens and make sure that justice for victims is secured in a timely manner. It is our mission to also curb online harassment of women, which is ever increasing due to anonymity provided by the internet and to introduce women-centric cyber laws to combat harassment and violence of any and every kind against women.

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