Chhatra Sansad

Chhatra Sansad, an initiative of Zero Hour Foundation is the first-ever unique movement that provides the youth a platform to become an element of change. We at Chhatra Sansad have the aim to create ethical, spirited, and competent public leadership in the country, which will shape our policies. We aim to make our democracy more vibrant and bridge the chasm between the way we are being governed today and the way we want to be governed.

What started as an idea, has now spread across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Goa, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, and Andhra Pradesh. Chhatra Sansad was founded to encourage the youth to commit to leadership and embrace public life to strengthen the democratic fabric of our nation. This we hope would culminate in fairer, efficient youth-driven nation-building.

Chhatra Sansad aims to ignite the spirit of student politics in the youth, raising their sensitivity, awareness, involvement, responsiveness, access, and say in the political and democratic process. This will in turn result in a healthy democratic system that will produce competent public leaders and policymakers from the grassroots and all walks of life.

Zero Hour Foundation

Zero Hour Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, founded in 2014 in Vadodara, Gujarat with a mission to build the largest network of innovative young professionals that empower fellow citizens to maximize their potential and influence systemic reform. We believe that when we reimagine compassion and harmony, we as a society can contribute toward the goals of community development, social welfare, and other sustainable development goals.

We expect to construct the limit of networks to guarantee the strengthening of marginalized women and girls. Our sustainable and comprehensive mediations in Health, Livelihood, Education, and Disaster Relief and Resilience, give

imaginative answers to well-established advancement issues. Alongside admittance to the public and global confederation of expertise, we coordinate internal information and a solid network of organizations to convey results at scale to varied partners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a robust youth community that strives for a positive and healthy socio-political ecosystem in India and globally by strengthening our motto of Inform. Ignite. Initiate. Over the past 7 years, with more than 800 initiatives, and 5 Projects we have been able to engage and impact almost 10 lakh lives.