Upcoming InternNation Knowledge Tours

KK Create – Delhi Tour

Features: 4 Days / Accommodation / Internal Travelling

Get ready for an exclusive Delhi rendezvous with the sensational KKCreate, Kavya Karnatac!

Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Sharjah Tour

Features: 7 Days / Accommodation / Internal Travelling

Dive into the heart of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah with our InternNation Knowledge Program.

    Auroville – Design Tour

    Features: 7 Days / Accommodation / Internal Travelling

    Embark on an exclusive design odyssey crafted for enthusiasts in Architecture, Interior Designing, Product Designing, Graphic Designers, Film Makers, and Video Editors!

    Mumbai – Delhi Tour

    Features: 7 Days/ Accommodation / Internal Travelling

    Cheers to 6 years of groundbreaking exploration! Join the legacy with Chhatra Sansad as we celebrate a journey of knowledge and discovery.

    InternNation Knowledge Tours

    InternNation is an immersive hands-on learning program for the youth of today who wish to one day be stalwarts in their own right and have the will to change the very foundation of our Society.

    Through InternNation, Chhatra Sansad provides the delegates with a chance to meet and interact with Visionaries from the Public and Private Sector as well as the Government so that they can learn from the very best and inspire their fellow Indians.

    We provide first-hand experience with the various governance models, and the opportunity to interact with leaders behind the scene and learn how they do what they do. The participants get a chance to imbibe the same values that drive today’s leaders and Visionaries.

    Additionally, they spend days with like-minded people with the same energy and enthusiasm as them and who share a similar vision as them. This governance tour also serves as a pathway to network with Policy Makers and Government officials for future collaboration and be a source of constant communication.

    Vision & Goal

    With a governance tour-based internship, InternNation Knowledge Tours envisions bringing the biggest and brightest leaders of our country to share knowledge and experience with young minds to shape their and the national future.

    To develop a cadre of young minds who will act as the stalwarts of the public policy-making and socio-political fabric of India. InternNation Knowledge Tours aims to equip the youth with core skills and values to positively influence the diverse demography of our nation.

    InternNation Knowledge Tours

    Key Takeaways of the Programme

    • Gain practical experience with good governance initiatives by working on the ground to enhance your own investigative, questioning, analytical skills and critical thinking abilities
    • Learn about the trip through a variety of activities, pertinent case studies, group sessions, and presentations
    • Interact with the project’s visionaries and learn about the complexities of policymaking in action
    • Cultivate your own understanding of reality procedures and evaluation abilities to sort through the various and frequently contradictory narratives about public policy problems

    Admission Process