School Of Leadership

Chhatra Sansad India’s School of Leadership is an initiative to impart and inculcate leadership skills and soft skills in the citizens of our country, especially the youth. With this project, we aim to provide people with the optimum combination of soft skills and core courses which as result hones them into better national resources, as well as industry leaders in their preferred field.

The School of Leadership envisions bridging the gaps that have been left by the traditional education system by not equipping individuals with essential skills. We often find the youth to be creative and divergent with their ideas and opinions but cannot direct them towards growth.

Through this project, we try and complement the educational structure by bestowing upon students, the necessary skills and values which would transform them into young professionals emotionally and technically equipped to deal with the challenges put forth by problems of the contemporary world.

Vision & Goal

Chhatra Sansad’s School of Leadership program aims at plugging the lacunae that have been left by the traditional education system in making leaders out of students in anything that they do. We often find Indian youth full of information but unable to put it to good use due to flaws such as poor presentation and communication skills, sub par analytical and logical skills, and a general under confidence.

The traditional education system overlooks overall personality development and rather, just focusses on the academic part of schooling.

Through this program, we aim at complementing the schooling system by bestowing upon students, necessary skills and values which would make them stand out wherever they go in their lives.

Why School Of Leadership?

It’s important for students to experience leadership opportunities during their schooling, to learn the art of building relationships within teams, defining identities, and achieving tasks effectively. It also provides an opportunity to learn to identify and display effective communication and interpersonal skills.

So, to bring in more promising leaders, Chhatra Sansad established the School of Leadership, an endeavour to establish leaders from every nook and corner of the country Leaders that inspire, encourage, and motivate are needed. We need leaders who will become role models for others to look up to.

The traditional education system ignores holistic personality development and instead concentrates solely on academics. Through this programme, we hope to supplement the educational system by instilling in pupils the required skills and values that will enable them to stand out wherever they go in life.

Eventually, Chhatra Sansad’s School of Leadership aims at building a cadre of young professionals emotionally and technically equipped to deal with the challenges put forth by problems of the contemporary modern world and become leaders by acting proactively to tackle the said problems. It is indeed a step towards the ultimate goal of making India a superpower in every sense of the term by creating a highly mature and skilled youth population with leadership flowing in their veins. We are stepping into a new world, a world which is full of dreams and ideas, of the impossible and the absurd made into the possible and the real, and Chhatra Sansad’s School of Leadership aims at doing just that.

How Will It Benefit You?

The course will focus on the following traits:

  • 1
    Personality Development
  • 2
    Communication Skills
  • 3
    Interpersonal Skills
  • 4
    Public Speaking
  • 5
    Ethics & Integrity
  • 6
    Insights into the Indian Governance Structure
  • 7
    Entrepreneurial Case Studies

Apart from this, we will also be teaching them general life skills that are prerequisite for any individual in this day and age.

Our curriculum aims at increasing autonomy of the participants so that they can take constructive action of their own volition.

Each participant will be assigned a trainer for the whole academic year. The trainer will be in constant communication with the Student, guiding him through the various obstacles being faced by the Students.

Who Is This Program For?

  • 1
    Students who have a keen interest in the Indian society
  • 2
    Young people interested in pursuing journalism and mass media
  • 3
    Prospective Civil Servants
  • 4
    Law aspirants
  • 5
    Young people who want to work in government
  • 6
    Students who want to be successful entrepreneurs
  • 7
    Students who want to learn managerial Skills
  • 8
    Students who want to leave a mark and do something towards the betterment of society