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About Us

India is the largest democracy in the world.

Like any growing democracy, if India has to change, in fact we believe that India NEEDS to change, the youth needs to become increasingly committed to politics. We need the youth to take a strong and unwavering stance in the political system of India and to be willing to embrace public life with a view to strengthen the democratic fabric of our nation. We aim to get more students involved and informed about politics and encourage them to actively take part in our political system.

For the past 5 years, Chhatra Sansad has been interacting with thousands of young minds spreading socio-political and economical awareness. Being a part of Chhatra Sansad allows us to be a part of a close knit community representing the interests of the Youth of Today and tomorrow in every campaign we undertake. Chhatra Sansad envisages that motivated, committed and politically inclined youth leaders will emerge to provide positive and effective leadership for our country and involve themselves in local and international politics for the betterment of the country and the world. Also, that the gradually, the average age of the candidates involved in politics reduces and there are more energetic, modernistic, and efficient leaders come forward to lead our country.

Our Vision

To connect with the youth through issues of their concerns.


Youth Leadership

To make Chhatra Sansad synonymous with Youth Leadership and champion the cause of Social Justice


Strengthen The Country

To help to strengthen our country’s core democratic values.


Involvement in Politics

To de-stigmatize Youth involvement in Politics


Plaguing our Societies

To sensitize the youth about the issues plaguing our societies.


Connect with Youth

To create an ethical, spirited and competent public leadership in the country


Helping Students

To help inculcate public spirited and socially sensitive values.

Our Mission

To inform the youth about the various burning issues that we are facing.


Political Awareness

To create political and social awareness amongst the youth.


Change of Mantality

To change the mentality of the masses towards the field of Politics.



To change the definition of Politics to “Governance”.


Give a Platform

To give a platform for the Youth to mould themselves as well as our Nation.


Help the Society

To help the society in any good way we can.


Public Leadership

To create most ethical, spirited and competent public leadership in the country,

About Us

To ignite the very spirit of student politics

in the youth of today and provide training to the students to help inculcate public spirited and socially sensitive values during their formative years. We aim to raise the extent of sensitivity, awareness, involvement, responsiveness, access and the say of youth in the political and democratic processes, so that a healthy democratic system is evolved. Our hope is to produce competent public leaders and policy makers from all walks of life.