Auroville: Design Tour:
9th-16th June

Embark on an exclusive design odyssey crafted for enthusiasts in Architecture, Interior Designing, Product Designing, Graphic Designers, Film Makers, and Video Editors!

Immerse yourself in Auroville, engage with industry leaders, partake in dynamic workshops, and collectively address our nation’s challenges.

It’s an opportunity to make a real impact! Your collective creativity will resonate through reports submitted to NITI Ayog and PMO.

Elevate your skills, broaden your horizons, and be a catalyst for innovation.

Who is this programme for?

Aspiring Politicians

The participants get a chance to meet, interact and pick the brains of their political role models & heroes and learn how they affect positive change in society

Aspiring Civil Servants

Learn how state & national, political, financial as well as administrative machinery, works with the central and various state governments

Aspiring Private Sector Leaders

Learn how governments function at a local, state & national level to facilitate private sector growth and increase the financial and economic standing. This is your chance to get a new perceptive about regulatory authorities

College Students

This is a 2 week internship which includes critical thinking, logical reasoning and observations culminating in a report made by you about what you observed over the 10 days and how it can be improved


InternNation Knowledge Tours provides entrepreneurs with an opportunity to explore new markets and expand their businesses nationally. This exposure to new markets can help entrepreneurs to identify new opportunities, form partnerships, and grow their businesses.