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Holistic and organic atmosphere

Chhatra Sansad Youth Parliament is an e Chhatra Sansad Youth Parliament is an academic simulation of the Indian Parliament and Institutions which is aimed at educating the students about the roots of our democracy, current affairs, national issues and understanding of Indian politics. This platform helps Participants learn, understand, analyse and speak on a wide range of topics from Current Affairs to Constitutional Law. This initiative comes under our “Skill Development” umbrella.

The participants play role of the Parliamentarians and Bureaucrats in various councils of our country such as Loksabha, Rajya Sabha, GST Council etc. which gives them complete insights into the Workings of Indian Parliament and Indian Institutions.

We provide a holistic and organic atmosphere to develop personalities of the participants.

The most important feature of the Youth Parliament is that that Participants build a Network with other Participants from institutions all over the country.

Chhatra Sansad envisages that motivated, committed and political youth leaders will emerge to provide a positive and effective leadership for our country and involve themselves in local and international politics for the betterment of the country and the world. We also hope to see a future where the average age of the candidates involved in politics reduces and there are more energetic, modernistic and futuristic leaders emerge and pave the way for other People who have the same Vision for a developed India as them.

This youth parliament helps in:

Enhances Communication

Gives the Participants a clear picture of National Affairs.

Develops a
Creative mindset.

Listening Skills

Debate Techniques

Stimulates Team Work for Problem Solving

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