Why Donate?

Zero Hour Foundation Is A Non-Profit, Non-Government Organization Which Is Not Associated With Any Political Party.

We are an independent organization with no allegiance to any position of power. Our first and foremost aim is to spreads awareness and increase the number of youth participants in our Political system, which does not require us to be aligned with any Organization, Public or Private. All our funding is either through donations from our well-wishers and supporters or via sponsorship for individual events.

All of Zero Hour Foundation’s members work on a voluntary basis and this is something that we would like to change. We want to move away from the model of voluntary involvement and shift to a model that attract the highest talent willing to make a difference for our Society. While this may seem contradictory to our own statement of Self Sustenance, it is also the harsh reality of this Society, no one works for free.

Everybody deserves to be compensated for the work that they do and also have the luxury of Financial Independence that accompanies every job. Just because we are doing Social and Political Activism does not mean we are not entitled to Stability and Independence of any and every kind.